Kinetic technologies has developed the highest quality supplements available on the market. Developed by top veternarians working in high performance practices, not just the labortory! The results I've seen in my horses has kept Conquer and M.A.S.S a staple in Kulak Equestrians program for the last 10 years!

My high performance event horses as well as a variety of sale horses benefit from a comprehensive training and management program. Conquer gives me the confidence that their joints are protected on a daily basis. M.A.S.S Builder (Multi-Active Strengthening System) allows me to train these horses to their maximum potential, while safely enhancing their muscle development. I trust Kinetic products and they are SmartPak friendly, which is great for big barns or travelling to shows!"
Marcia Kulak
Kulak Equestrians

We have been using Conquer Liquid for over a year now on our grandprix horses. A couple of them are well into their teens and have never been so sound. To use a product that keeps our athletes free from joint soreness, is essential. Conquer liquid is a natural and cost effective way to keep our ahtletes happy.

Rich Fellers

We have been using Conquer Liquid with our horses for a while now. I can.t say enough about how pleased we are with this product. We have seen increased stride and flexibility in all of our horses. Our farrier has stated several times that it is much easier to work on our horses back feet because their hocks are more flexible. I have a 20 year old black barrel horse that was not getting on her butt as well as she used to until we started her on Conquer. After a few weeks we noticed her turns were back and she was getting down like she used to. I love it when people talk about how she will get down so low on a turn. I really think Conquer is improving my runs, making my horses feel so much more comfortable and increasing their ability to stay at the top of their game over the long haul.
Lacie Bond McFay

Kinetic has a product we started using about a year and a half ago that has really helped my horses. The Edge Performance Paste has kept my horses, especially my best horse Satinka, at the top of their game at multi-day shows. Satinka tends to go off her feed after she has been away from home for several days and sometimes will be hesitant about drinking different water. We tried using Edge Performance Paste in an attempt to keep her energy level up and help her run her best. Over the years, we have tried many of the common pastes that are made to help horses maintain a good level of energy but we never really saw a difference in our horses until we tried Kinetic's product. We noticed that our horses did not get that "tired, lethargic" look that was common after several days away from home. They seemed to keep a higher level of energy and fire out of the alleyway day after day, just like they did at home or at a one-day show. Many of the shows we attend are 3 days or longer.

In July of 2012, I ran at the NBHA Youth World Championships in Perry, Georgia. Georgia in July has temperatures close to 100°F with high humidity. Satinka decided to get picky with her feed about the 3rd day we were there. Youth World is a weeklong show and including early arrival, we were in Perry for 9 days. We started Satinka on Edge the morning of her first run and continued giving her a daily dose each day through her finals run. Satinka and I not only made the cut for the finals (only 300 out of 1800 riders made the cut) but we also finished 7th out of 800 overall in the youth division. We ran the 13th fastest time out of 1800 riders. I really believe the Edge Performance Paste helped us make those runs. 
Lacie Bond McFay

DERMACLOTH Grooming Wipes DERMACLOTHS are our secret weapon against all types of stubborn skin problems. We use it to clear up rain rot and prevent the progression of all types of dermatitis. It is especially effective in the warm months keeping our horse.s faces clean and sweat free. It is a .must have. for everyone.s grooming kits.
Reese Koffler Stanfield

Kineti-Clear Stock Tank Cleaner I have used Kineti-Clear Stock Tank cleaner for several years and feel that it definitely helps keep our water tanks cleaner for much longer. When we don.t use it the water tanks get full of algae and unsafe for our horses to drink. Kineti-Clear Stock Tank Cleaner is a product that we can.t live without.
Reese Koffler Stanfield

Conquer Liquid As a rider and trainer I rely on Conquer as my joint supplement of choice. I started using Conquer on my 20-year-old lesson horse and it enables her to be the working girl she likes to be. I also use Conquer on all my competition horses to help sustain their free and beautiful movement.
Reese Koffler Stanfield

Osteochon Powder As a warmblood breeder, I focus on providing nutrition that sustains balanced growth in my youngsters. I feel blessed that Osteochon is available for my babies as part of their nutritional plan. It is very easy to feed and very palatable.
Reese Koffler Stanfield

Over the years I have tried numerous joint supplements on my barrel horses with unsatisfactory results. My older horse would come out of the stall a little stiff in her hocks and I would have to inject periodically. Then I was recommended to use Chondrogen EQ and my horses are proof that your product makes a difference in their performance. My mare no longer comes out of her stall stiff and my other barrel horses are turning quicker. My vet flexed my mare and says that she looks great and that there is no need to inject. I recommend Chondrogen EQ to all my friends and clients.
Kiki Yaron

I just wanted to send you a brief note to thank you for the excellent product you have and your excellent customer service.
My name is Sharon Francis Becker and I live in Long Beach, New York. We have a 7 year old Yorkshire Terrier who was born with luxating patellas in her back legs. This past New Year's Eve she jumped for a ball, screeched, and fell to the floor flat, unable to pick herself up. When she finally did she walked with one leg in an up position, very slowly. We took her to our family vet. who gave us an anti-inflammatory to give her for 8 days and said that she might need surgery if she couldn't recover.

My sister worked for a Equine Vet in New Jersey who used your products. She told me that my niece had a dog that had a hip problem and they used your Hyaluronic Acid. It was the only thing that helped her in her declining years. She suggested that I go online and find your site and order the product.
I did...our dog is on her second bottle. She is able to walk. She walks with caution because we believe that she is afraid to put her foot down, because when she is playing the foot is down.

Thank you...for your fine product...Thank You for Your customer service...You may use my name and story on your site if you like.
Sharon Francis Becker

The demands and challenges of today's Olympic 3-day event requires cutting edge health care, management, and training for our horses. The addition of Kinetic's CONQUER to our program has improved our horses' overall soundness and helped them maximize their competitive abilities.
Marcia Kulak

Robert was on the gold medal winning three-day eventing team at the 2003 Pan American Games. He finished 8th place at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. In addition, Robert has finished in the top ten at some of the world's most challenging eventing competitions - Rolex *, USET Fall Championship at Fair Hill CCI *, Bromont * and North Georgia CCI *. Robert's famous partners include Dalliance, Chevalier, Lust and Mr. Blue Sky. His horses take Chondrogen EQ.
Robert Costello        

My wife and I would like to thank you for Conquer K9 Gel. This is a miracle cure for our 14 year old dog Sandy and our 11 year old dog Punky. Before taking this product Sandy could hardly walk. We had to help her on and off the couch and she no longer went for walks with us. Since taking K9 Gel she is like a young puppy again. She easily jumps on the couch and runs with me on long walks in the mountains. Punky had a chronic limp prior to taking Conquer K9 Gel. She has short legs like a Corgie and our veterinarian said this is a common ailment with short legged dogs. Since taking K9 Gel she no longer limps and now she runs and plays with our other dogs. 
These miraculous cures happened in a relatively short period of time. For Sandy it was about 3 weeks and for Punky it was about 2 months. We cannot thank you enough for radically improving the life of our older two dogs. 

Miles & Marilyn Silverman
The Brave Heart Animal Foundation        

When my dog Hazel was little she was prone to ear infections. I used this product and 4 years later she has NOT had any problem's with any ear infections! I use this product weekly to clean her ears, I will Always use this product!! Thank-You!!

Hercules was limping when he would get up after sleeping. He was having trouble walking and he was my husband's walking buddy. My daughter told me about your product. We started using it and within a couple weeks he was walking fine and has had no further problems. We continue to use K9 Mature Years and recommend it to others.
Peggy Kostur        

Jeter was getting ear infections constantly. It was a hassle to take care of and the vet bills were adding up. Then, I started cleaning his ears a few times a week with Hy-Otic. Hy-Otic has a nice, clean smell and keeps his ears clear of the build-up that was causing infection. Hy-Otic has saved me time and money and saved Jeter the pain and irritation of ear infections.
Emily Huffman        

I have been feeding by 11.5 year old beagle your Conquer K-9 Mature Years formula. She likes the taste, rapidly chewing it down every time. She also seems to be responding to it and walking better now that she has been on it for a couple of months now. Thanks for helping her quality life. She has been struggling with arthritis for some time in her rear hips and back.
Austin Van Horn

Greetings Thank you for your product: Conquer Hip, Joint and Muscle compound. I have a miniature dachshund, Osca-bob, that suddenly started having difficulty with steps and jumping up on things. When I took him to the vet, I was told surgery was the only thing sure to fix it. His knee joint pops in and out of the socket. I asked about trying a joint compound and was told it couldn't hurt. Well, not only does it "not hurt", but within two weeks it had enabled Osca-bob to jump up in my lap and go down steps again. I can tell he has lost the fear of falling down the steps. He runs and jumps again. His quality of life has improved because of Conquer.
Mary Helen Flanagan

I have a boxer, An-Jolena, who had a torn ligament, when I tried K9 Mature Years she started showing immediate signs of improvement. It was a MIRACLE! She starteed running around like she used to before her injury. Plus, this is the only joint supplement she will eat right out of my hand. So I wanted to say "thank you" so much for making this product.

I use a combination of Conquer and Chondrogen on all of my horses and they have never gone better. I would not jump them without it..

Harley Brown and Cassiato
Winners of the $75,000. Sacramento International Grand Prix, 2008        

In 2004 I had made an appointment to do a clean-up/salvage operation on my left knee. It was so bad that I couldn't stand up from a knelling position. However that was the year of all the hurricanes in South Florida. I was forced to cancel. That was a lucky break for me because it gave me the extra time for your product Joint III to start working. I never rescheduled the surgery and my knee has never been better.

In July of 2008 I hurt my back. I had 3 MRI's - upper, middle, and lower which revealed severe disc degeneration. My Doctor sent me for physical therapy but the therapist was so negative (he made a remark, "Do you expect me to be able to regenerate your discs?") that I never made the first appointment. 
I called Morgan and Barb at Kinetic and asked if Joint III would work on my discs and if I could step up the dosage to 3 pills per day after being on maintenance of one pill per day for many years. They said it would and I could and recommended the new and improved extra strength Joint III MAX which I ordered and started taking immediately. My back, although not 100 % (I have had back problems for years) is so much better I am afraid to back off the MAX to a one or two pill per day maintenance dose. My horse has been on the Equine formula long before I discovered the human equivalent and I will keep him on it for the rest of his life also.

I am 63 years old and still ride my horses and do everything I ever did when I was younger. I strongly recommend your product. Please feel free to use this testimonial any way you see fit. Thanks for all your help.

Best regards,
Kenny Hamerman

I thought I should take the time and write your company about one of your products- Conquer Mature Years. I have a golden retriever mixed; she is 13 years old, lost sight in one eye, has gained weight, and has really had difficulty getting up and down. She has been taking your product for 3 months. What a difference in her. She is able to move around so much better and has lost 5 pounds. I thought your company should know how pleased I am. I purchased your product at PetSmart.
Thank you so much! 

Dear Conquer-Kinetic,

I have a 6 year old Black Labrador name Luther. Over the years, we've spent a significant amount of money on the occasional ear flopping "oh-oh" ear infection. With the Veterinarian prescribed special cleaners, ointments and follow up visits, it usually cost a pretty penny. At one time I could afford these visits, but as of the last year not so much. 

Recently, I didn't check on his ears for a couple of weeks and he had a middle of the night ear flopping attack. The following morning, I looked in one of his ears and I swear my heart just dropped. I had never seen anything like it before. His ears were terribly inflamed and I literally ran out to the Petco store nearby. I was about to give up hope on the ear cleaning options and at the last minute, I saw two remaining bottles of the Conquer-Kinetic Hy-Otic 8 oz bottle. It read, "Developed by Veterinarians and helps with Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial infected ears." I began treating Luther by following the suggested directions. In just 2 days I began seeing improvements, 5 days the redness was gone and it was completely gone in 10 days. 

WOW, what a product! You saved me hundreds in Vet bills comparing to a $20.00 bottle of Hy-Otic. 

Orville Liddie
Bowie, MD        

I have arthritis in my knees and have had a total hip and knee replacement on my right side. I was on a prescription from the doctor and it worked ok, but I just wasn't thrilled with the possible side effects and long term use. I started to use the Joint III Select (formerly Joint III Max) this past June. I cannot believe the difference in my mobility and flexibility! I don't have that usual stiffness first thing in the morning anymore. It is a great product and I wish I would of discovered it sooner! 

Traci Witkoski

My initial interest in Kinetic Technologies HA products was for my 11 year old German Shepherd. I wanted to provide her with as much joint relief as possible in her later years. When I discovered that there was a product for humans, Joint III Select, I started using it for myself. I am 57 and have previous martial arts injuries to my shoulder that developed arthritic changes. I have had numerous visits to orthopedic doctors, MRI's and cortisone shots. When I started using the Joint III Select product I got instant results with less pain and more joint flexibility. The product to me is a miracle drug.
My dog, Mattie and I will definitely be users of Kinetic's products for many years to come.

Charles A. McGrady

DERMACLOTH™ was included in a recent HJ trial. We found: 

Premoistened grooming cloths with vitamin E, coat conditions, nonionic surfactants and the antimicrobial Microban. No alcohol or soaps. Very effective for rapidly clearing and preventing minor skin infections, routine care of sutured wounds or abraded areas. They also do an excellent job of grooming and one sheet will do an average size horse. Best for: Minor infections and minor wounds.

Eleanor M. Kellon, V.M.D.
Veterinary Editor
Horse Journal

Our dog Callie is 10 years old. We noticed a few years ago that she was slowing down and assumed it was age. Last summer she was diagnosed with arthritis. We started her on the Mature Years joint chewables and after just a month she was more energetic than she has been in years. The chewables not only took care of the arthritis pain they made her seem young again. She runs, plays and has a new energy about her. She will even play with our two young children. She is a much happier and healthier dog!

Allyson Reynolds        

We have a 5 year old Italian Mastiff, Cyrus, who has been on your Conquer HA Chewables for several months now.  What a dramatic difference these chewables have made for him!  He is frisky and plays more now than ever.  He is 190 pounds and he acts like a 15 pound lap dog!  We are ordering direct from Kinetic Tech as we lost our local supplier because we believe in the product. Thanks for the dramatic change in Cyrus.

Carla Okrina

Been using the HA-30 for about 10 days now and I am seeing a difference.

First off, joint pain is minimal compared to just a couple of weeks ago. We're having one of those winters with wide temperature and humidity swings which really bother my joints. Have seen a significant lessening of what I call weather related issues.
Next, I'm getting done 5 - 7 minutes quicker with the morning feed. Dumb as it sounds, I've actually been able to get done in the barn quicker mainly because I can walk better. I measured how much walking there is (GPS unit on my phone) and an average morning is about ½ mile worth of walking - thru the mud, ice etc - mostly getting hay into the pastures. Easier to walk, less time spent hobbling around.
I'm really impressed with this - starting to sound like a broken record - you guys have great products!
Keith Larson

On a friend's recommendation, I decided to try your Conquer HA (liquid) to see if it would help my 12-year-old foxhunter. While he is in excellent condition and loves our runs, he recently began feeling a bit stiff and sluggish at times.

After about a week on the product, he seemed to be loosening up quicker at the start of our rides. Within a few more days, I could really feel a difference. He is more flexible warming up before rides and cooling down afterwards. He is much more energetic on our runs than he was prior to starting the Conquer HA. His jumping is much freer than it had been in a few years. My overall impression is that he is noticeably more powerful and more responsive after getting Conquer HA, which I attribute to him just feeling better!

I am thrilled with the changes I saw in my horse after giving him this product!

Jesse Bull